Last Call for SAS Diving Scholarship

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Garry Dallas

Are you a Brit aged 18 – 25 desperate to learn to scuba dive? Then grab a pen and start scribbling.

The closing date for the inaugural Smiths Academy Scholarship is approaching fast. The deadline will be Sunday 20 May 2018.

The scholarship is in memory to two men, both with the surname ‘Smith’, hence Smith Academy“, stated Garry Dallas. “I was a friend of Will and Graham. They each had a passion for diving. Be it shallow or deep or reefs, wrecks, pot holes and caves. It therefore seemed a great idea to help establish something meaningful in their memory“.

This amazing scholarship includes scuba diving equipment and extensive training, and will run for 24 months.

You can find full details here.

#Scapa100: HMS Vanguard Survey now online

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MV Huskyan skipper Emily Turton | Image Credit: Kieran Hatton

In 2017 Scapa Flow skipper and rebreather diver Emily Turton was granted a special license from the Secretary of State for Defence to organise a dive survey on one of the UK’s WWI war graves.

On 9 July 1917 HMS Vanguard – a dreadnought battleship – suffered a series of catastrophic explosions in Scapa Flow, Orkney. The ship and 843 men died. The enquiry concluded that an unintentional cordite explosion caused the loss of Vanguard, making this the biggest accidental loss of life in modern naval history.

The survey was self-funded and conducted by volunteer professional divers. Survey leader – Emily Turton – has today advised that the results are now available on line.




Diver Group’s David Eaton Dies

Diver Group has today announced the death of DIVER Magazine’s Advertising Production Manager David Eaton.

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David, the youngest son of DIVER Magazine co-founder, Bernard Eaton

David, 56, passed away peacefully in hospital on 3 April from lung cancer. (He was non-smoker).

David was a qualified diver and had worked for DIVER magazine for more than 25 years. (He had previously been employed by the Ministry of Defence).


In the early 1960’s Peter Small (a co-founder of the British Sub-Aqua Club) invited Fleet Street journalist Bernard Eaton to partner Small in developing, at their own risk, BSAC’s club magazine ‘Triton’.

Following Peter Small’s death, Bernard Eaton took control of Triton as Editor, as well as Publisher. The magazine evolved and was renamed ‘DIVER’.

Bernard and Vera Eaton had three sons. Nigel, Michael and David. Today Nigel, the eldest brother, is the publisher of DIVER magazine.

David was brought up with scuba diving and embraced the opportunity to get under water whenever possible.Possessing the ability to turn his hand to anything in life with skill, composure and good humour, he will be hugely missed.” Nigel Eaton

BSAC Chief Executive, Mary Tetley, paid tribute to David Eaton.

David was a dear friend with whom I shared many fun ‘diving’ times in my early career at Diver Magazine. His cheery smile and fun personality will never be forgotten. We will all sorely miss him from our lives.” Mary Tetley

John Bantin, who was DIVER Magazine’s technical editor for over two decades said that he was “devastated“.

“Fate had dealt David a poor hand in more ways than one. He suffered severe illness (arthritis) during his childhood which had left him in continual pain. But he was stoical, never complained and was always a cheerful and optimistic character. I was shocked to hear of his recent illness and the seeming injustice of his early passing. He deserved better. He was a nice guy.” John Bantin

David was sometimes mistaken for Nigel because David would often be found working on the DIVER Group stand at the Birmingham and London dive shows.

I always found David to be a happy, kind soul with a great sense of humour.
Rosemary E Lunn

David is survived by his wife Carol, his son Harry and his daughter Kate.

BOLO: Stolen underwater camera system

Photographer Jane Morgan has today reported a stolen an underwater Nikon / Nauticam camera system.

Stolen camera equipment, Nikon D500, Nauticam housing, twin INON Z240 strobes, 60mm lens, Tokina 10-17, arm clamps, Jane Morgan, stolen equipment, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company

The stolen camera setup

One of our students has just returned from a trip with Stuart Coves in the Bahamas and flew back with Delta Airlines. The case containing the underwater camera was not put on her flight and was sent on a later flight and then sent by courier to Cornwall.

When it arrived the padlocks had been forced off and then replaced and all the underwater camera kit had been stolen.

If anybody knows anyone who is offered a Nikon D500 with a Nauticam housing, twin INON Z240 strobes, a 60mm lens and Tokina 10-17 with all the arms clamps, ports etc, it could be ours, please let us know. Thanks guys.”

The missing equipment details are:
  • Nikon D500 camera: SN 604 8905
  • Nauticam housing: A21 8172
  • Nikon 60mm lens: 230 8916
  • Tokina 10-17
  • 2 x INON Z240 strobes
  • 4 arms, 6 clamps, 2 fibre optics and the charger

Apply now for Lake Havasu teenage Scuba Diving Grant

Lake Havasu Divers Association, Scuba Training and Technology, scuba diving in Arizona, Joel Silverstein, Kathy Weydig, Mike Riddle, scuba diving grant, learn to scuba dive. Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company, scuba diving newsLake Havasu Divers Association and Scuba Training and Technology, Arizona have announced they are sponsoring a special scuba diving grant.

The Open Water SCUBA Training Grant is in honour of the late Mike Riddle. Mike was a long time resident of Lake Havasu, and a founding member of the Lake Havasu Divers Association.

Mike Riddle was an educator, a friend and mentor with a passion for diving

To be eligible to apply for a ‘Dive Like Mike’ Training Grant you need to be a Lake Havasu Middle or High School Student (8th – 11th grades) with a passion for underwater adventures.

The teenager will receive a full SCUBA course with personal equipment.

Lake Havasu Divers Association, Scuba Training and Technology, scuba diving in Arizona, Joel Silverstein, Kathy Weydig, Mike Riddle, scuba diving grant, learn to scuba dive. Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company, scuba diving newsThis grant has the potential to be a life changer. There are many and various career opportunities in scuba diving, and this entry level course could be the first stepping stone to an exciting and challenging job in this field.

To apply simply download this application form and submit it by 8th May 2018.


DiveStyle Reading Is Recruiting

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Divestyle, scuba diving jobs, Reading, gas blender, scuba career, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwatwer Marketing, diving newsDivestyle – a  well-established scuba diving centre – is looking for a full-time retail assistant to work in Reading, England.

Their full-time lead female retail and sales person is leaving and they are looking for someone to fill her shoes.


Are you 
proactive? Do you think outside of the box? Can you communicate and engage? Are you energetic and a team player seeking a fulltime role?

Lone working will be required, so previous retail experience is preferred.

Divestyle, scuba diving jobs, Reading, gas blender, scuba career, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwatwer Marketing, diving newsTASKS INVOLVED

• Customer service, replenishing of stock, cleaning

• Fitting room service (female fittings)

• Till and cash handling, cashing up, basic accountancy desired

• Opening / closing the store

• Promotion of DiveStyle and its affiliated dive clubs via various social media.

• Preparation of the dive equipment for all courses.

• Filling and gas mixing of scuba diving cylinders via fill station (once suitable trained)

• Flexibility is required to cover staff holidays and sickness

• Excellent PC and communication (written and verbal), social media knowledge and skills, fluent in English


• 5 days a week
• Tuesday – Saturday inclusive
• 10.00 – 18.00, late night Wednesday (20.00), finish early Saturday (17.00)


• All applications to be made in writing and include a CV and expected salary
• Applications from non-divers are welcome provided you are willing to learn to dive
• Applicants must be able to live and work in the UK (no visa sponsorship)
• Applicants must have a full clean UK licence

The Purim Trust cancels Balloon Release PR

On 24 March 2018 ‘The Purim Trust‘ was launched, and they conducted their first fund raiser on the same day raising £1,400. The aim of this Brit based charity is to sponsor vulnerable children in the Philippines.

The Purim Trust, educating children, Philippines, Esther McCarthy, The cost of sponsoring a child is £28 per month and this budget covers the child’s food, clothing, school supplies and uniform, health and dental care, and transport to and from their school.

As a new venture, the Purim Trust are working on a little budget and needed to get the word out that they had launched, and please support this great venture. The solution? Utilise balloons.

It is a natural PR choice when consequences of releasing balloons are not understood. Children love balloons, they are cheap, colourful and everyone can get involved. On the face of it, asking people to release biodegradable balloons to get engaged and promote the Purim Trust seems a smart PR move.

As a symbol of our mission to deliver hope to those in need we will have our very own balloon release this Saturday.

So many of you have supported us to get this far and we have asked you to video yourself releasing your Purim Trust balloon where ever you are in the world and post it on social media (tagging @thepurimtrust).

We are so excited to see your posts and will be sharing them with the world here on our Insta.

Helium Balloon, Mylar balloon, Foil balloon, Swan Lane, Stock, Essex, balloon release, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company

A helium balloon found entangled in a hedge in Swan Lane, Stock, Essex on 28 March 2018 by the author

The Purim Trust had followed advice and made sure they were using biodegradable materials, not understanding that biodegradable balloons take many years to rot down, and can still maim and kill farm, wild and marine life.

After a number of people contacted the Purim Trust, highlighting the negatives issues of balloon releases, the charity quickly reviewed their policy and made the following statement.

We want to apologise for causing offence to anyone in our efforts to promote our charity supporting vulunerable children in the Philippines…we have learned from the comments [about balloon releases and ‘biodegradable balloons’] which we’re grateful for and won’t be posting any more balloon release videos.

We hope this will reassure our critics and may go some way to restoring faith in the real objectives of our charity: helping deprived children get an education.

Hat’s off to the Purim Trust. They swiftly rectified the issue by no longer condoning balloon releases. They cleaned up their social media feed and issued a genuine apology. We wish them every success with their life-changing venture.