BOLO: Oxygen Set stolen from Anglesey Divers

Martin Sampson, Anglesey Dives, Holyhead, North Wales, stolen oxygen kit, oxygen gear, first aid kit, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company

Martin Sampson of Anglesey Divers has advised on social media that his primary oxygen therapy kit was been stolen from the back of his car in Holyhead, North Wales. The theft took place overnight and was discovered this morning, Sunday 16 December 2018.

The kit was contained in a bag that looks exactly the same as the bag above.

This is life saving equipment

This set has already saved the life of one man“, stated Martin Sampson. “Please be aware that if you are offered it, or try to use it without necessary training, you can do a an awful lot of harm with it, both medically and generally it can be a major fire hazard in the wrong hands. It is useless to anyone else because I am probably the only person in the UK with spare parts to service it.

If you have any information relating to this stolen Oxygen Kit please email Martin.


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