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Rosemary E Lunn diving Scotland


Published in 990 Magazine, About, Advanced Diver Magazine, Beyond the Blue Magazine, Deep, Dive Chronicles, Dive Girl Magazine, Dive, Diver Magazine (Canada), Diver Magazine (UK), Dive Trade International Magazine, Diving In, Duiken, Fins Magazine, Florida Scuba News, H2 Ops Magazine, Immersed, North East Dive News, North West Dive News, Nurkowanie, Outdoor Enthusiast, Scuba Diving, Scuba, Scuba World Magazine, Scottish Diver Magazine, Shark Diver, Sport Diver (UK), Sport Diver (US), The Diving Almanac, The Sinani Times, The Times, UK, Undersea Journal, Zero Visibility and X-Ray Magazine



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– Aeolian Skye subsequently published on
– The Hood subsequently published on

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Lunn RE “The Purim Trust cancels Balloon Release PR“, TUMC Blog 29 March 2018

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Lunn RE “Innes McCartney receives the Anderson Medal” X-Ray Mag, 27 April 2018

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Lunn RE “Short now a FRGS Fellow” X-Ray Mag, 2 May 2018

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Lunn RE “Shearwater Teric Dive Watch Computer” X-Ray Magazine, 29 May 2018

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Lunn RE “Otovent Dive” X-Ray Magazine, 29 August 2019

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Lunn RE “Stolen: Shearwater Teric Dive Computer” X-Ray Magazine, 19 December 2019

Lunn RE “Did sky lanterns cause the fatal Ape House fire?” X-Ray Magazine, 1 January 2020

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Lunn RE “Grab your free ‘Mike Scott’ novel now!” X-Ray Magazine, 3 January 2020

Lunn RE “BOLO: Scuba equipment stolen in California” X-Ray Magazine, 5 January 2020

Lunn RE “2020 kicks off with two separate cave diving fatalities” X-Ray Magazine, 7 January 2020

Lunn RE “Time to apply for the 2020 DAN / Hamilton Research Grant” X-Ray Magazine, 8 January 2020

Lunn RE “#ThisGirlCanDive – 2020 Campaign launched” X-Ray Magazine, 20 January 2020

Lunn RE “Oban Chamber has busy 2019” X-Ray Magazine, 28 January 2020

Lunn RE “2020 DEMA Board of Directors Election Results Announced” X-Ray Magazine, 5 February 2020


Diving Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt’s Red Sea; Memories of Scapa Flow, Sinking of the High Seas Fleet and the Royal Oak, a Revenge Class Battleship; Light Monkey launches a limited edition caving helmet in aid of Project Pink Tank
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Long Beach Scuba Show
Scuba Radio, Saturday 14 June 2014

Scuba Radio, Saturday 4 October 2014

DIVE.2014 Dive Show report; Apeks Aqua Lung Black Sapphire regulator, Suunto Eon Steel dive computer and Fourth Element Arctic Expedition thermal underwear. Diving the Farne Islands, how to play Conkers and diving Poseidon rebreathers with diving cinematographer Doug Allan.
Scuba Radio, Saturday 1 November 2014

The first anniversary of the sinking of Divetech’s Guardian Of The Reef; Sidemount Diving with Dive Rite’s Lamar Hires in Cow Cave, Florida; DAN Rolex Diver Of The Award 2015 Winner, Dr Simon Mitchell; Cornwall ScubaFest
Scuba Radio, Saturday 18 April 2015

World Bog Snorkelling Championships and diving in the Red Sea
Scuba Radio, Saturday 5 September 2015

New Rebreather Sorb Research and the EUF Lavanchy Award
Scuba Radio, Saturday 2 July 2016

Earth Day 2017 and Dive Point Hurghada, Red Sea
Scuba Radio, Saturday 22 April 2017

DEMA.2017 Show, DIVE.2017 (The Birmingham Dive Show), Great British Diving, Zale Parry Scholarship (Stefanie Martini), DEMA New Wave Award (Jessica Keller)
Scuba Radio, Saturday 7 October 2017

Light Monkey, rEvo Rebreather Day, Terry Fisher retires, Beneath The Sea Show Awards, C and R Testing ‘The Monitor’
Scuba Radio, Saturday 24 March 2018



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Mermaids Purse Ensemble for Sharks Trust“, Deeper Blue, 22 October 2007

Summer Solstice at St. Ives“, Deeper Blue, 20 May 2008

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