About The Underwater Marketing Company

Roz Lunn, Rosemary E Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company, Diving PR, Diving media, Neal Pollock, Petar Denoble, Rebreather Forum 3, Drew Richardson, Diving, scuba diving, Custom Divers, DUI, Waterproof, Reef Jewellry, Ralf Tech, Dick Vann, Richard D Vann, Dawn Kernagis, Simon Mitchell, Pete Mesley, Mark Powell, Paul Toomer, Dr Neal W Pollock, Dr Petar Denoble, Mark Caney, Innes McCartney, Phil Short, Alex Vassallo, Custom Divers, Jill Heinerth, The Underwater Marketing Company was formed by Rosemary E Lunn in 2003.

Rosemary’s diving career began in 1992, firstly with PADI before crossing over to BSAC, where she spent every possible weekend underwater. Roz turned Professional in 1997, and has dived and taught in many areas of the World including the USA, Europe, Turkey, Egypt and of course the UK.

In 1998 she was asked to write a short article for the first edition of Dive Girl magazine about her favourite piece of diving equipment. Her writing style was quickly picked up by other diving Editors and this resulted in a number of pieces being commissioned.  She wrote regularly for 990 and Beyond the Blue Magazine where she gained a good reputation as a diving journalist. Today she is a regular contributor to XRay Magazine and writes for a number of diving magazines and blogs.

In 2000 Roz helped set up a UK dive centre from scratch; before working on two National Geographic HMHS Britannic Expeditions and with History Channel’s Deep Sea Detectives.

Rosemary has an excellent reputation for event management.  She organised the 2011 and 2012 Uk Diving Industry Trade Show and Rebreather Forum 3.  Rosemary also co-founded / co-organised the European advanced and technical diving Conference and Exhibition; EUROTEK.08, EUROTEK.2010, EUROTEK.2012 and EUROTEK.2014 and established TEKDiveUSA.  Current projects include EUROTEK.2016.

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