The Underwater Marketing Company has been excellent for getting “Dolphin Way” noticed by the Diving Industry.  Roz Lunn’s enthusiasm and network of contacts has been invaluable to me.

Mark Caney
Author, Dolphin Way : Rise of the Guardians and VP, PADI EMEA
Dolphin Way

My first encounter with The Underwater Marketing Company was through Rebreather Forum 3, where Roz’s organisation, creativity and meticulous attention to detail was obvious right from the start. Her vast network of industry contacts and respect from colleagues through the diving industry only strengthen her ability to promote ideas, products, and services to every corner of the diving world.

Since seeing her work firsthand, we have been working with TUMC to promote Project Pink Tank, a research study focused on developing an improved understanding of diver health among breast cancer survivors, through the not–for-profit Rubicon Foundation. Her assistance in getting the word out to the diving community at large has been invaluable to say the least! Thank you for all you do, Roz!

Dawn Kernagis, PhD
Post-Doctorial Researcher, Duke Dive Medicine

As an industry professional in the same field as Rosemary, I respect and value her continued professionalism in her services. Her knowledge inside our industry, her field, and her list of contacts within it are encyclopaedic.

Phil Short
Phil Short Technical

Roz has an excellent knowledge of the industry and how it ticks.  Since she knows all the players she can make a significant difference to your business.

Innes McCartney, PhD
Nautical Archaeologist, Historian, Author and Wreck Diver
Periscope Publishing


I want to take a moment to express my sincerest thanks and admiration for all of your incredibly hard work with EUROTEK.2010.  We had little time to chat, but that was because you were doing such an incredible job orchestrating the chaos into a beautiful symphony with your usual grace and exceptional talent.

You are so often making magic in our industry, quietly “greasing the wheels” that make things happen and getting very little public appreciation for your efforts.

All good things!

Jill Heinerth
Heinerth Productions Inc.
Into The Planet

Please accept my sincere thanks for providing the best diving event, that has not been underwater, I have ever attended.  This has re-fired my enthusiasm for our sport and inspired me to further progress in the scope and quality of my diving.  I can’t wait until 2012, but will have to content myself with diving until then.

Tony Howard
UK EUROTEK.2010 Delegate

For many years we’ve used The Underwater Marketing Company for specific marketing and PR projects.  Although mainstream agencies have many talents, they don’t have TUMC’s winning knowledge combination in our business sector.  Roz is reliable, knows the industry, has a strong understanding of products / the market and gets results on ‘challenging’ budgets.  We value her work.

Alex Vassallo
Managing Director
Custom Divers

Roz’s knowledge of the Diving Industry is enormous.  Her ability to connect you with the key players who will make a significant difference to your business is excellent.  You’ll definitely reap the rewards in the long run.

Rich Walker
irector of Technical Training, GUE
Wreck and Cave

I have known Roz Lunn for many years, however she really came into her own when I brought Vivian Quarry in North Wales in May 2015. Roz couldn’t do enough to help me to promote the new ownership of the Quarry and embraced my passion and the enthusiasm I had to promote the quarry and boost the business. Roz did a great marketing campaign for me at Anglesey ScubaFest.

Will Stratford
Former owner, Vivian Quarry

Roz Lunn and her company are simply beyond effective in organising, promoting, and running dive show events. Roz has, to my knowledge, never failed to attract more than the target number of registrants for any event she has been involved with. In our constrained times this is an extraordinary record. The outward looking nature of her voluntary activities should also be acknowledged. Roz has been a tireless supporter of individuals and projects (such as our own research) working to advance knowledge in our field. Many of us are deeply grateful.

Associate Professor Simon J Mitchell
Head of Anaesthesiology, University of Auckland
Simon Mitchell


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