Custom Divers, Dolphin Way, Mark Caney, Karl Shreeves, Drew Richardson, Innes McCartney, Jill Heinerth, Phil Short, DAN, Divers Alert Network, PADI, Dr Simon J Mitchell, Dr Neal W Pollock, Dr Petar J Denoble, Dr Richard D Vann, Dr Dawn KernagisThe Underwater Marketing Company is the only marketing communications and events business dedicated to the UK Recreational and Technical Diving Industry.

Since 2003 we have been working with an extensive range of businesses; have a look at our Client List.

We’ve got knowledge of how it works, who does what and we know a lot of people throughout the diving world.  When this is combined with professional diving experience, excellent marketing skills and our strong track record of delivery, we believe we offer the best marketing communications services available to the UK Diving industry.

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