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#Scapa100: HMS Vanguard Survey now online

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MV Huskyan skipper Emily Turton | Image Credit: Kieran Hatton

In 2017 Scapa Flow skipper and rebreather diver Emily Turton was granted a special license from the Secretary of State for Defence to organise a dive survey on one of the UK’s WWI war graves.

On 9 July 1917 HMS Vanguard – a dreadnought battleship – suffered a series of catastrophic explosions in Scapa Flow, Orkney. The ship and 843 men died. The enquiry concluded that an unintentional cordite explosion caused the loss of Vanguard, making this the biggest accidental loss of life in modern naval history.

The survey was self-funded and conducted by volunteer professional divers. Survey leader – Emily Turton – has today advised that the results are now available on line.




Dive into history with Fourth Element!

Fourth Element / 3deep have just launched a new wreck project dedicated to the wrecks of Scapa Flow.  They are working with the Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership Scheme, the Orkney Dive Boat Operators Association and Orkney Marine Archaeological Forum to produce a web based guide to the wrecks, focussing on the 3D wreck tours.

 Radiant Queen Charters, Valkyrie, Karin, Orkney, German High Seas Fleet, Jutland, Jellicoe, Halton, Invincible, Sunrise, Jean Elaine, Sharon Rose, Fourth Element, Scapa Flow, The Underwater Marketing Company, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, Jim Standing, Fourth Element would like your help and are looking for photos of the wrecks. These will be used to help build accurate 3D models and also to feature on a new website.

If you have got any photos of any of the seven High Seas Fleet wrecks that you think are particularly interesting, or show some of the features of the wreck, or just are beautiful depictions of the wreck that you would be willing to contribute to the project, please submit them to Fourth Element, via their website stating which wreck it is and describing the features in the photo. Please also include your mailing address.

There are two top prizes for those who make the best contributions to the project including a week’s diving for two. One of these weeks is on the Radiant Queen and the other will be on one of the other vessels supporting the project depending on the date. A prize draw will also be held for all contributors, with prizes including Fourth Element’s new One Piece Arctic undersuit and lightweight dive luggage.

This project is generously supported by Radiant Queen ChartersValkyrieKarinHaltonInvincible,SunriseJean Elaine and Sharon Rose. For more information click on ‘Submitting Info‘ and ‘Terms & Conditions‘ tabs on the relevant Fourth Element website page.