Book your space on the GUE Swanage ‘Experience Day’

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GUE UK are holding an ‘Experience Day’ in Swanage.

If you have heard about GUE and not sure whether it’s for you or not, or you are just curious to know more about GUE, then head to Dorset on Saturday 28th July 2018.

You’ll have the opportunity for a bit of “me time” to work on some dive skills that may have become rusty.

You will also be able to chat with GUE instructors and dives about training, courses and exciting projects.

Spaces are limited and cost £25 per head, so please contact John Kendall to secure your space, or get your questions answered.

Santi Launch Their ‘Ladies First’ Drysuit

Santi Ladys First Drysuit_Rosemary E Lunn_Roz Lunn_The Underwater Marketing Company_X-Ray Magazine_Jill Heinerth_Becky Kagan Schott_thermal stress_Dr Neal W Pollock_John KendallDid you know that International Women’s Day is annually marked on 8th March? Me neither. Why do I mention this? Santi has chosen this day to launch their new ‘Ladies First’ range of dry and undersuits.

A number of suit manufacturers have been producing a ladies cut drysuit for awhile. Santi has now joined their ranks with the launch of their ‘Ladies First’ drysuit. This membrane suit is based on the current Santi E.Motion drysuit. It is constructed from an ultra flexible material and is ultra lightweight. I saw this suit at the 2014 Dusseldorf Boot Show and believe it to weight approximately 4kg. The ‘Ladies First’ suit has a number of nice features that come as standard. A warm neck collar, bib and braces / suspenders, a choice of seals (latex, neoprene and silicone), and two cargo pockets on the thighs.

The pockets are slightly narrower cut to ensure a more optimal fit on a petite leg. Both pockets benefit from a metal D-ring and a couple of bungee loops. If you have never used bungee loops before, they are a godsend when you are rooting through your pockets looking for a specific item. It means that provided you have clipped various items to the bungee loop, you can turf your pockets out underwater and you don’t lose a piece of kit. In addition one of the pockets has an external zipped pocket on the outside of the flap and this is handy for stashing a Trilobite cutting tool.

Front zipped suits are always a better option for ladies because the tailoring can be more precise. Generally the biggest bit that a lady has to get into a drysuit is their good child bearing hips, unlike a man who traditionally has broad shoulders. Ladies tend to have smaller shoulders compared to their hips, therefore a front donning suit is normally the preferred choice because you achieve a better cut / fit. The radical thing that Santi has done on this suit is switch the front plastic T zip route, and I suspect that it won’t be long before the other manufacturers do the same thing. On the ‘Ladies First’ suit it runs from the top right shoulder down to the left hip instead of the usual route of top left shoulder to bottom right hip. Why is this so special? If the front zip is routed in the traditional way on a petite female, the manufacturer can struggle to get the shoulder dump in the right location because the zip can be in the way. By simply switching sides, Santi can ensure the shoulder dump is located in the best place, what ever size of female.

Overall this is quite an attractive feminine suit without being girly. Interestingly the colour scheme – black with fuchsia highlights – is strongly reminiscent of Apeks Aqua Lung’s ‘Twilight’ highlight colour in their ladies ‘Details’ range. Purple really is the new pink. If you don’t fancy fuchsia, Santi also offers the choice of black with lemon highlights and black with black highlights. The complete package comes in a practical bag and you also get a limited edition woolly hat. I am certainly curious to see what this suit dives like.

Article first published in X-Ray Magazine.


Jarrod Jablonski talks ‘Mars’ by Rosemary E Lunn

Jarrod Jablonski, GUE Founder and CEO of Halcyon, made a whistle stop tour of the UK in September 2013. He gave two talks on ‘Mars Makalos’ – or ‘Mars the Magnificent’. This aptly named 16th century warship took quite a bit of finding. She was discovered in May 2011 after a twenty-year search by a team of divers from Ocean Discovery that included GUE’s Richard Lundgren.

To put the wreck into context, it would be fair to say that Mars is Sweden’s ‘Mary Rose’, and the comment that ‘this is the wreck find of the century’ is probably quite correct. Mars is considered so important that the current King of Sweden visited the team to see for himself how the exploration work is going.

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From left to right; Grahame Knott (technical skipper and The Shipwreck Project), John Kendall (UK Santi distributor, GUE Tech and Cave Instructor), Rosemary E Lunn (The Underwater Marketing Company, EUROTEK and TEKDiveUSA co-organiser) and Jarrod Jablonski (GUE Founder and Halycon CEO) at DiveLife.
Image Credit: Jason Brown / Bardo Photographic

The story of Mars and her subsequent discovery could be taken out of any ‘Boys Own’ annual, so it was no surprise that over 100 divers attended Jarrod’s talk, hosted by Manchester based DiveLife. Southern divers were not neglected either – Jarrod also spoke at Aquanauts in Plymouth.

Jarrod is a charismatic fluid speaker, and gave a highly entertaining presentation, actively involving his audience. He vividly brought images of a bunch of exceedingly large, very well preserved timbers and cannons to life, explaining about the ‘maritime battlefield’. Mars sank during a ferocious battle between Sweden and Denmark, and there is plentiful evidence of this. Divers were able to see how the ship burnt and they also found cannon balls embedded in the timbers. I was entranced, and Mars is now firmly included on my bucket list of diving.

I found watching the story of the exploration dives and the logistics involved enlightening. Having been involved with running the logistics on two HMHS Britannic expeditions, I can appreciate just what goes into running a major dive. The GUE ethos of running a unified dive team, standard gases and set way of rigging diving equipment, makes perfect sense when it comes to project diving. It saves so much faff time, and divers who have never met before will have a greater understanding of how their diving partners will behave underwater.

Diving on Mars has been very closely controlled and monitored and it is a perfect example of what amateur divers can achieve. Richard Lundgren’s team has been working hand in glove with scientists and academics to properly document and preserve Mars and her artifacts. Certain protocols have been put in place to protect the wreck and its environment. Lundgren’s team are trying to minimise the amount of oxygen in the water, therefore this has primarily been a rebreather expedition. And there has also been limited lifting of artifacts. A broken cannon and a small cannon that had previously only been seen in documents have been recovered and preserved. All the other cannons are remaining in situ for the time being. It looks as though work will continue in this significant wreck for many years to come.

Incidentally if you missed Jarrod speaking about Mars, you have the opportunity to see Richard Lundgren talk at the Nautical Archeology Society Conference on Saturday 2nd November in Portsmouth. More details on this can be found on the NAS website.

Article published: Sport Diver UK, November 2013 issue

Get your tickets for the Scottish Diving Conference

The Scottish Diving Conference will be held on Saturday 9th November 2013, kicking off at 09.00.

It is shaping up to be quite an exciting event; 12 cracking speakers, 60 years of diving heritage, a Ceilidh, a Raffle and the chance to plan some awesome diving with like minded divers.

The theme of the conference is ‘exploration’ and Martyn Farr, Chris Jewell, John Kendall, Gareth Lock, Police Scotland, RAF Search & Rescue, Royal Navy Divers, The Underwater Centre, Andy Torbet and Shane Wasik will all be talking.

Tickets are £25 on the door, or £20 in advance if you book via the web-site. On-line tickets sales close on 6th November.

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