Izzy from Underwater Explorers saves a Gannet

Underwater Explorers, a Dorset based dive centre, established a Facebook initiative called ‘Chesil Beach Watch‘ a couple of years ago. It is a fascinating page to regularly dip in and out of because you get daily updates about the famous beach.

Yesterday – Saturday 9 March – Izzy Ismet reported that it was not a good day. Lost and discarded nets and other floating rubbish had washed up into the cove and a Gannet had got entanged in it.

A prime example of the menace that haunts our oceans at Chesil Cove today.

It was obvious to all that the Gannet was beginning to struggle and suffer, so Izzy Ismet donned his drysuit, grabbed his snorkelling gear and paddled out to the debris.

Ismet carefully removed a fishing net noose from the birds neck. The Gannet is now being treated by conservationist and wildlife activist Derek Davey.

Nicely done, all involved!