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Rebreather Divers Grateful For Henderson’s List

Gordon Henderson, CCR, Inspiration List, Martin Parker, Nicky Finn, AP Diving, Geraint Ffoulkes-Jones, Sally Cartwright, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company, closed circuit rebreather safety

At the end of May 2017 AP Diving’s Managing Director – Martin Parker – issued a statement on the Inspiration List.

“Gordon Henderson is retiring his Inspiration Users List after 19 years. I don’t think this milestone should pass without acknowledging the role of Gordon’s Inspiration List for CCRs generally: It has been a fundamental part of the way the sport diving world has learned about closed circuit rebreathers, procedures and rebreather safety.”

Gordon Henderson was an early adopter of the Inspiration Rebreather and a gifted IT specialist. When he placed an order for the “just launched” Inspo in 1998, Henderson immediately recognised the need for Inspiration owners to be able to communicate freely, and set up the Inspiration List using his Drogon email system. (Social media didn’t exist at the time and forums were pretty basic).

The resulting Inspiration List provided certified AP rebreather users with immediate multi-way communication and the ability to discuss issues, and share experiences with other CCR divers because “no knowledge or a little knowledge can kill you”.

“Why we don’t use Lithium Hydroxide, …..the idea for monitoring the thermal process in the scrubber came from list member discussions, ….understanding the effect of depth on the scrubber, …best decompression practices, ….best gas choices are just some of the topics that were put to bed.”
Martin Parker

Gordon Henderson, CCR, Inspiration List, Martin Parker, Nicky Finn, AP Diving, Geraint Ffoulkes-Jones, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company, closed circuit rebreather safety, Sally Cartwright, SAA Chairman, Bluebird Project

Early Inspiration adopter and wreck explorer Sally Cartwright checks her handsets

“As a new Inspo diver (15 months now), lemme [sic] register my regards and gratitude to Gordon for doing this good work. A list like this is critical to safe, independent customer development and education, and it’s good to see that the factory agrees.”
Ken Blakely

This forum has proven to be the single most valuable education tool for the both of us to learn to dive more safely and knowledgeably. Time and again real nuggets of information from many contributors have enable us to learn more about our breathers and diving in general that we would not have otherwise learned.”
arc & Phyllis Dennis

Martin Parker also stated that if it wasn’t for Gordon’s involvement, the Inspiration List would have been dropped.

“I realised that quite a few of the subscribers enjoy this form of communication and if there is something important for the factory to say, it’s a good way of reaching people quickly.” Martin Parker

The Inspiration List also inspired other divers to set up valuable resources, including Jan Willem Bech’s “The Rebreather Site.

We are pleased to report that Andrew Last has kindly taken up the Inspiration List mantle.

Thank you Gordon for your exceptional service. It has been appreciated by so many CCR divers.

I’ll leave the last word to wreck explorer Geraint Ffoulkes-Jones.

“The true legacy of all your excellent work just cannot be measured, because it is the number of lives your valuable Inspo and general CCR information sharing source has saved over countless years, and thankfully we will never know the true extent.”



AP Diving Vacancy: Product Design Engineer

AP Diving, Product Design Engineer, Martin Parker, Nicky Finn, Inspiration Rebreather, Evo, diving vacancy, scuba diving job, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company

Cornish manufacturer AP Diving is looking to a Product Design Engineer to play an integral part in the research, design, development and testing of new high-class diving products and equipment.

Reporting to the Research and Development Manager, the successful candidate will initially find their feet by gaining a complete technical and engineering understanding of the current product range as well as the industry sector including quality and European standard requirements.

For more information, check out the full application on GradCornwall.

Closing date: 8th May 2016