The Purim Trust cancels Balloon Release PR

On 24 March 2018 ‘The Purim Trust‘ was launched, and they conducted their first fund raiser on the same day raising £1,400. The aim of this Brit based charity is to sponsor vulnerable children in the Philippines.

The Purim Trust, educating children, Philippines, Esther McCarthy, The cost of sponsoring a child is £28 per month and this budget covers the child’s food, clothing, school supplies and uniform, health and dental care, and transport to and from their school.

As a new venture, the Purim Trust are working on a little budget and needed to get the word out that they had launched, and please support this great venture. The solution? Utilise balloons.

It is a natural PR choice when consequences of releasing balloons are not understood. Children love balloons, they are cheap, colourful and everyone can get involved. On the face of it, asking people to release biodegradable balloons to get engaged and promote the Purim Trust seems a smart PR move.

As a symbol of our mission to deliver hope to those in need we will have our very own balloon release this Saturday.

So many of you have supported us to get this far and we have asked you to video yourself releasing your Purim Trust balloon where ever you are in the world and post it on social media (tagging @thepurimtrust).

We are so excited to see your posts and will be sharing them with the world here on our Insta.

Helium Balloon, Mylar balloon, Foil balloon, Swan Lane, Stock, Essex, balloon release, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company

A helium balloon found entangled in a hedge in Swan Lane, Stock, Essex on 28 March 2018 by the author

The Purim Trust had followed advice and made sure they were using biodegradable materials, not understanding that biodegradable balloons take many years to rot down, and can still maim and kill farm, wild and marine life.

After a number of people contacted the Purim Trust, highlighting the negatives issues of balloon releases, the charity quickly reviewed their policy and made the following statement.

We want to apologise for causing offence to anyone in our efforts to promote our charity supporting vulunerable children in the Philippines…we have learned from the comments [about balloon releases and ‘biodegradable balloons’] which we’re grateful for and won’t be posting any more balloon release videos.

We hope this will reassure our critics and may go some way to restoring faith in the real objectives of our charity: helping deprived children get an education.

Hat’s off to the Purim Trust. They swiftly rectified the issue by no longer condoning balloon releases. They cleaned up their social media feed and issued a genuine apology. We wish them every success with their life-changing venture.




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