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Get your hands on a Ghost Fishing UK reporting notebook

Ghost Fishing UK is calling on domestic divers to help survey and report ghost gear at dive sites around Great Britian.

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To this end they have worked with Dive Proof to develop two sets of reporting notes. An A5 and a ‘Wetnotes’ sized notebook. Both notebooks are laid out with all the information needed to document ghost gear.

These notebooks can be dived or splashed, the ‘paper’ is hard to tear, and they are significantly cheaper than regular Wetnotes re-fills. Simply document the ghost gear, and then use the QR code on the back of the book to upload the data to the Ghost Fishing UK’s reporting page.

The Wetnotes sized book will be £8 whilst the A5 book is £10.50. This price does not include postage and packaging.

Please note that these are only available only in the UK at present.

To order your notebook, please contact Ghost Fishing UK via their Facebook page.

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