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Doug Allan Hosts BBC Radio 4’s ‘Tweet Of The Day’

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Doug Allan pictured between dives at Vobster Quay | Image Credit: Rosemary E Lunn

This week you have the opportunity to wake up to Doug Allan‘s dulcet tones as he discusses his encounters with five Antarctic birds.

The award winning scuba diving cinematographer – as featured on Blue Planet, Earth, Coast et al. – is hosting BBC Radio 4’s ‘Tweet of the Day‘. This 90 second programme brings birdsong into your bedroom.

Allan kicked off this week as he remininsed about hearing a Emperor Penguin chick for the first time. Over the next four days he will meet a Snowy Petrel, a Snowy Sheathbill and a wandering Albatross. Allan rounds off his tweets with a story about a giant Petrel.



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