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Present Ideas For Divers: Light Monkey Line Markers

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Line Markers are primarily used by cave divers as a visual and tactile reference on a guideline.

Light Monkey manufacturers three styles of line marker: direction arrows, reference exit markers and cookies. And you can see an example of each of these above, left to right.

Line arrows or directional arrows are used to either show the route back to the cave entrance, or to indicate the direction to the nearest air source, ie a different exit from the cave.

Light Monkey’s second line marker is called a REM or Referencing Exit Marker. This larger marker is used by survey teams to record data at key points in the cave. Underwater archeologists, scientific and wreck divers can also use it to mark data points too.

Our North American cousins believe a cave cookie disc resembles a biscuit, hence the nickname. This line marker is used to mark a specific spot on the line, ie jumps, gaps and junctions. Alternatively each member of the team can throw down a cookie on the line to help identify who is still in the cave, should the team get separated.

Light Monkey laser cuts their line markers from sheets of white Delrin®. This means that each marker is stronger and more durable when compared to a conventional plastic injection-moulded marker.

Generally a diver will write their name on their line markers (see example left). Light Monkey understands that the writing can fade over time hence they can engrave ID markers with words, letters or numbers. This is a really thoughtful present for an ardent cave diver. Simply purchase a minimum of 25 ID markers and let Light Monkey know what you want engraved, and they will do the rest!

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