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Iwade School Cancels Planned Balloon Release

The Sittingbourne based Primary School in Kent recently commemorated Remembrance Day with a two minute silence to remember past and present service personnel.

Iwade School had also planned to release helium balloons as part of the event. However after receiving advice from Rosemary Lunn of The Underwater Marketing Company and reading environmental news articles, the school reviewed the event and cancelled the balloon release.

Instead 50 children along with their parents, took the balloon tribute decorated with poppies, and placed them inside ‘All Saints Church‘, Iwade to be part of the Remembrance Day Sunday service.

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The weighted helium balloon display at Iwade School designed to commemorate Remembrance Sunday

“We, like many others, would have followed the strict guidelines given to us from our supplier and believed they were all biodegradable and only by reading your information and seeing things in the local news we find that this is not entirely accurate. We thank you again for providing us with further information so we can, as you suggest, make different decisions in the future so we do not further threaten our environment.”
Caroline Mariner, Principal, Iwade School

Many balloon suppliers advise that so-called ‘biodegradable balloons‘ are made made from natural latex, hence they take the same time to decompose as an oak leaf. Gardeners are aware that whilst some leaves mulch down quite quickly, oak leaves are remarkably durable and can take up to four years to decompose. During this time, it is quite possible for farm, wild and marine life to ingest or choke on a biodegradable balloon and die.


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