Aqua Lung Shot FX Fins

Aqua Lung state their Shot FX fins are an innovative design that helps provide a powerful, yet comfortable kick.

There are definite physiological differences between men and women when it comes to key pieces of equipment – suits, BCD’s, gloves – but does this also include fins? In writing this piece we have not been able to find any formal research into male and female fins and how each sex kicks during scuba diving. (Perhaps this might make a good PHd research project?).

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The Shot FX fins are part of the new ‘Details’ collection from Aqua Lung. This equipment range was specifically designed for females by an international team of female divers and water enthusiasts.

What we do know is that women have wider hips and these affect the centre of gravity, it is lower in women. We generally have shorter legs and shorter stride lengths. In the main women enjoy a greater range of joint movement and flexibility than men.

So where does that leave us when it comes to buying fins? We need something that works efficiently, but surely that is the wish of all divers?

Aqua Lung state the Shot FX Fin foot pocket has a customised inner sole designed to anchor the foot, preventing power from the boot moving laterally during the power stroke, resulting in maximum energy transmission.

The blade is shorter and softer when compared with other fins, making it easier to kick. And performance has been enhanced by adding an elastic blade insert. Apparently this creates a “spoon effect” that pushes more water with each down stroke.

Thought has also been given to the straps and Aqua Lung have realised just how popular technical spring straps are proving with the majority of divers. The Shot FX fins are fitted with metal spring straps and a soft heel lug, that help make donning and doffing much easier.

This visually attractive fin is proving to be popular with both sexes, and is available in Twilight and Arctic White.

Link to manufacturer or source: Aqua Lung

First Published: X-Ray MagazineSeptember 2013, Issue 56, Page 58

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