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‘Underwater Photography Masterclass’ – Now Available in The USA

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Alex Mustard’s ‘Underwater Photography Masterclass‘ has gone on sale in the USA today.

It looks as though this book will become the standard tome for learning underwater photography. It is well written, structured, very informative and cuts through some myths.

‘Underwater Photography Masterclass’ was a lot of hard work to write“, Alex Mustard told us. “It took a significant amount of time specifically because I had a lot to say and I did not want to waste one sentence. What was equally important to me was it had to be easy to understand and follow for anyone picking the book up. The book is aimed at the enthusiast who wants to learn more, but even beginners have loved the book and can see how they will grow with it.

This has possibly been the fastest selling photography book in Europe. The publisher ordered a re-print within a fortnight of ‘Underwater Photography Masterclass’ being launched because they could see the first print / edition would sell out in weeks. It did!

What has been hugely rewarding is that I have received feedback from users saying that they have found useful stuff on every page. Other readers have said they took the book away on a trip and used the techniques and suggestions and their photographs were transformed! A common response is that this book is now an essential part of their photography kit.” Alex Mustard

Whilst the book is called ‘Underwater Photography Masterclass’, it is worth ‘above surface photographers’ taking a look at it too. Mustard has considerable technical knowledge and experience and he has included some good technical ideas that are useful for land based photographers. For example the book goes into sufficient detail explaining details of lighting and composition with excellent examples that hammer these points home.

‘Underwater Photography Masterclass’ is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and some specialist retailers. You can also access free video tutorials that augment the book on the accompanying website.


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