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Get Your Hands On Blancpain EUROTEK Bag!

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EUROTEK organisers have some exciting news for this year’s delegates.

The first 400 divers to book a weekend pass for this international advanced and technical diving conference will receive a gorgeous limited edition Blancpain / Fourth Element dry duffle dive bag worth £65!

“We understand that divers need the right equipment to transport their gear”, stated Rosemary E Lunn, EUROTEK co-organiser. “We have therefore teamed up with Fourth Element and the respected Swiss watchmaker, Blancpain to create something rather special. A rugged bag, ideal for an adventurous diving weekend away.

This is the first time Blancpain has sponsored EUROTEK.

Blancpain, Laurent Ballesta, Coelacanth, EUROTEK, AP Diving, advanced diving, technical diving, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company

Blancpain Ambassador: underwater photographer and marine biologist Laurent Ballesta

Did you know that Blancpain designed and built the first ‘real’ divers watch back in 1953? The ‘Fifty Fathoms’ watch was liked by the elite frogmen of the time (including Jacques Cousteau) because it was a robust, easy to read, accurate timekeeper.

It had an interesting feature that we take for granted today. Blancpain were the first company to incorporate a rotating bezel on their Fifty Fathoms watch. So it has been really exciting working very closely with a company that helped create a small but significant piece of dive history.

There has been a brisk trade in weekend tickets (£80 each) and we have divers flying in from 10 different countries. Therefore at the time of writing this we have 200 bags left. If you want to guarantee getting your hands on one, I’d recommend that you book your weekend pass soon via www.eurotektickets.com You don’t want to miss out on the diving event of the year!”

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