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Jutland: WW1’s Greatest Sea Battle

Jutland, Dr. Innes McCartney, First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Philip Jones, Nick Jellicoe, Imperial German Navy's High Seas Fleet, British Royal Navy's Grand Fleet, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company,


“Never before had either navy lost so [many] men on a single day”
– First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Philip Jones

The Battle of Jutland – 31st May to 1st June 1916 – was a naval battle fought by the Imperial German Navy’s High Seas Fleet and the British Royal Navy’s Grand Fleet. It was a large and controversial naval engagement.

As the 100 year anniversary approaches an expedition led by Gert Normann Andersen and his Danish crew, marine archaeologist Dr. Innes McCartney, and author and grandson of the British commander, Nick Jellicoe, has set out to build an accurate map of the battle site to fundamentally alter our understanding of the one of greatest battles in modern history.

This new forensic analysis examines the archaeology of the battle and will be broadcast:

UK: Channel 4, 21st May 20.00 – Jutland: WW1’s Greatest Sea Battle
France: RMC Découverte, 27th May 20:50 – Jutland: Search for Truth
Norway: NRK2, 30th May 21:30 – Jutland: Search for Truth
Sweden: SVT, 31st May – Jutland: Search for Truth

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