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Christian McDonald Is ‘Honorary Underwater Instructor’

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Christian McDonald received his award on 23rd April 2016

It has just been announced that Scripps Scientific Diving Officer Christian McDonald has been named an honorary Underwater Instructor by the Los Angeles County Underwater Unit.

He received this honour at the program’s annual awards dinner on 23rd April 2016 for his contributions supporting their Underwater Instructor Certification Course.

The program is the world’s oldest public safety program. It was developed in 1954 by LA County lifeguards participating in the then newly developed SIO scientific diving course. During the 62 year period over 1,100 underwater instructors have been certified.

Christian joins only 7 other persons, including SIO DSO emeritus James Stewart and SIO graduate Dr. Wheeler J. North, as honorary instructors for the county of Los Angeles. Congratulations Christian.

SOURCE: The Scripps Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation


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