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Sometimes A Towel Is Not Enough

Sorry Douglas Adams. There are times when a towel is just not enough.

Unless you are diving in very hot climates, you struggle out of your wetsuit and all you really want is to be enveloped in a large snugly blanket. Then reality hits. You also need to be able to function safely on a dive boat and sort out your equipment. It would seem that England’s Divesangha has the answer. Their ‘one size fits all’ poncho debuted at the 2015 London International Dive Show.

Divesangha poncho, apres dive wear, scuba diving clothing, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company, London International Dive Show, LIDS, British Clothing Manufacturer, Douglas Adams

The waterproof bag has two compartments – one for the poncho and one for swimwear


Divesangha designs easy to wear apres divewear that mixes fashion with sportswear, using functional fabrics and neutral colours. They state the dove grey Pontetorto Tecnospacer fabric ‘provides thermal insulation and great breathability with the comfort of cotton’.

I found this quick-drying fabric feels almost like suede and it is practically cut. The sleeves are long enough to pretty much cover your arms, whilst being the right length to allow you to work on your scuba set. You are not encumbered by big floppy cuffs, or having to literally roll up your sleeves to get your job done. And they are large enough for you to bring your arms inside the poncho, in order to slip in and out of wet or dry clothing in a private manner, whilst stood in a public place.

The poncho is beautifully put together – if you accidentally wore this inside out, it would not be noticeable – the quality of the stitching and finish is to a very high standard. And as with all Divesangha’s clothing, the DS Poncho benefits from their original ‘HUNG DRY™’ system. This enables you to securely hang your garment up to dry around a pole, on a line, or rope without it being blown away.

Divesangha has also taken into account that when you have used their poncho you will invariably have a bundle of wet swimwear. To this end they have provided a waterproof bag with two compartments. One for the poncho and one for swimwear. It stops the user having to take plastic bags to holiday destinations and protects the ocean from potential plastic pollution when the plastic bag accidentally blows away. A neat solution.

Divesangha Poncho, Star Wars, Princess Leia, scuba diving clothing, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company

Save me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope

And for those of you who have to come up with an instant fancy dress costume, this could make a reasonable Star Wars outfit. Just add a light sabre.

  1. Audrey LEGGETT
    October 25, 2015 at 3:00 pm

    It works very well in hot climates as well. We live & dive in the Middle East & we don’t go diving without it.

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