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McCartney Headlines In Liverpool

No, not Paul. Renowned maritime historian, archaeologist and technical diver Dr Innes McCartney will be speaking in Liverpool on Saturday 9th May.

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Respected submarine historian, Dr Innes McCartney

Dr McCartney is known for his discovery and archaeological research into shipwrecks including the wrecks of the Battle of Jutland, 1916 and many British and German submarine wrecks. He has contributed to shipwreck documentaries, such as Time Team Special, Deep Wreck Mysteries and Wreck Detectives series. In addition Innes McCartney used archaeological research to identify 40 new German submarine wrecks in the waters around the UK and Ireland, such as the rubbercoated U480.

He initially became interested in shipwreck archaeology when he learned to dive in 1989. In 1994 Innes McCartney became one of Britain’s first Trimix-certified scuba divers and 1998 became the first person to have dived on the three great liner wrecks, SS Andrea Doria, RMS Lusitania and HMHS Britannic. Innes has always been fascinated by submarines, and in 1999 he discovered the 12-inch-gunned submarine HMS M1 off Start Point in the English Channel.

Over the past two decades Innes has focused on researching and locating lost historic shipwrecks and finding innovative methods to interpret his fieldwork.

On Saturday 9th May, Innes will be discussing key aspects of the first U-boat war and exploring some of the U-boat wrecks as they are seen today.

This free event is being hosted at the Merseyside Maritime Museum.

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