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‘Shark Lady’ Dr Eugenie Clark, Dies

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News is coming in that Dr. Eugenie Clark has died died 92. Justifiably known as ‘The Shark Lady’, ‘Genie’ Clark was a pioneer in the field of marine biology and considered as world authority on sharks and fish. She was known for her love of sharks.

Dr. Clark was the recipient of three honorary D.Sc. degrees and awards from the National Geographic Society, the Explorers Club, the Underwater Society of America, the American Littoral Society, the Gold Medal Award of the Society of Women Geographers, and the President’s Medal of the University of Maryland. She was inducted into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame, received the Wyland Icon Award and was a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame.

Dr Clark authored three books and over 160 scientific and popular articles.

TUMC’s Rosemary Lunn was deeply honoured to meet Dr Clark in 2013 at Beneath The Sea where she was signing copies of her book ‘The Lady And The Sharks’. Her influence on the deep blue sea will be missed.

Here is a link to Dr Clark’s obituary in National Geographic Magazine.

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