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Class of WDHOF 2015 Announced

The Women Divers Hall of Fame (WDHOF) has announced the six new Members who will constitute the Class of 2015:

  • WDHOF_Women Divers Hall of Fame_Rosemary E Lunn_Roz Lunn_The Underwater Marketing CompanyWendy Benchley
    Marine Conservation Leader, Ocean Conservation Governmental Policy Advocate, Shark Conservation Spokesperson
  • Cecilie Benjamin
    Pioneer Scuba Instructor, Ocean Conservation Leader, Marine Environment Education Program Advocate
  • Amanda Cotton
    Underwater Photographer, Cave/Tech Diver, Educational Outreach Program Creator
  • Meg Donat
    Pioneer Scuba Instructor, Hyperbaric Chamber Instructor, Diver Medical Technician, Ocean Advocate
  • Lieutenant Grace Landers
    USN: Diving Medical Officer, Submarine Medical Officer, Medical Pioneer and Innovator
  • Amy Slate
    Scuba Instructor, Ocean and Environmental Conservation Leader, Educational Outreach Advocate

These extraordinary women will be officially inducted into WDHOF on 28th March 2015 at the Beneath the Sea (BTS) Awards Banquet in New Jersey, USA.

Amanda Cotton, Lieutenant Grace Landers, Wendy Benchley, Amy Slate, Cecilie Benjamin, Meg Donat, WDHOF, Women Divers Hall of Fame, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company

2015 WDHOF Inductee, photographer Amanda Cotton

The WDHOF was founded in 2000 to recognise the contributions of outstanding women divers.

Members are drawn from many fields including; the Arts, Science, Medicine, Exploration and Technology, Marine Archeology, Business, Media, Training and Education, Safety, Commercial and Military Diving, Free Diving, and Underwater Sports.

The WDHOF also offers financial assistance and mentorship to women and men interested in pursuing diving careers. They currently support 13 annual scholarships and training grants.

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