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Statement from BSAC – Scuba diving at Trefor Pier

We have just been sent the following email from Jim Watson at the British Sub Aqua Club.

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The Holyhead Lifeboat taking part in the New Year’s Day swim from Newry Beach, Holyhead

“Following the the stationing of an All Weather Lifeboat in North Wales, the RNLI have set up a refuelling station at Trefor Pier, Anglesey.

This popular shore diving site attracts divers from all over North Wales and the North West of England. The RNLI and the local authority have asked that we alert divers who may use the site to be aware of the following.

The RNLI Lifeboat will routinely visit the pier to refuel during high water, normally on Wednesday evening and Saturday midday. Additional visits may be necessary at other times following major deployment of the Lifeboat. Refuelling of the site and other works will be conducted by a visiting barge. Works are likely to continue for the remainder of 2013.

Divers are advised to be aware of the above activity and to exercise extra care at all times, especially when diving the Pier. Please be aware of the risk of surface traffic. All divers are requested to ensure they have shore cover, who are able to advise any visiting vessels of the presence of divers. In addition, where possible, divers should display a diving flag to warn of their presence. Updates will be issued as they are received.”

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