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Calling all male cave divers – research subjects required

A doctoral research study is being conducted by William B. Oigarden, MA, LMHC, NCC. He is a doctoral candidate at Barry University in the Adrian Dominican School of Education and he is investigating the personality traits and behaviour of male cave diver. (Specifically the relationship between dyadic adjustment, personality traits, and alexithymia.) Please pass this information on to relevant friends, peers and colleagues.

William B. Oigarden, Barry University, Richard Stanton, Rick Stanton, Martyn Farr, Sheck Exley, Wookey Hole, Graham Balcombe, Light Monkey, Cave Diving Group, CDG, Swildons, Mike Thomas, Dyadic Adjustment & Personality Traits in Male Cave Divers 

An Exploratory Study – Doctoral Online Research Study

Would you like to participate in a FREE research study investigating the relationship between personality traits and relationship satisfaction in male cave divers?

To participate click here

Study Requirements – Complete a demographic survey (5 minutes) and three scales that measure dyadic adjustment (10 minutes), personality traits (15 minutes), and alexithymia (5 minutes). You would need to allow approximately 35 minutes to complete the entire survey.

Eligibility Requirements – You must be a male cave diver, aged 18 years or older, and married or in a committed relationship. There is also a category for those who consider themselves in a separated relationship status.

After thoroughly reviewing and reading the Informed Consent screen, you will have two options. Should you choose to participate or choose not to participate in this voluntary study, your anonymity will be secure at all times. You also have the option to discontinue the study at any time. Once you have selected the “I agree” then the next button: you will be presented with a demographics questionnaire. Once this is completed, you will move into the rest of the online anonymous questionnaire.

This survey is completely anonymous and no IP addresses are collected by this researcher. 

This is a research study and is not considered a therapeutic session. This study is free to all participants. Participation is entirely voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time. Since this is an exploratory study and gender differences in activities similar to cave diving were found during the literature review this study will be limited to male cave divers. Future studies planned will include female cave divers.

If you should have any questions or need more information please contact Bill B. Oigarden (telephone 386 984-9348), Bill’s supervisor, Dr. Catharina Eeltink (telephone 321 235-8401) or the Institutional Review Board point of contact, Barbara Cook (telephone 305 899-3020)

Thank you for your time and interest in this study. This will be a partial fulfillment of a Ph.D. degree in Counselling.

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